Rheinschiff s653roes-rhst

Firework round boat trip Rhine river lights
between Lorelei Rock and Rhinegau. DJ or live music and dance on board. Wine festival summer night on the Middle Rhine River.

Rhine River boat s653roes-rhst, length 44,40 m, width 9,20 m, with departure in Bacharach on the Rhine River.
Approved up to 600 people. Up to 386 seats below deck.

deutschBoat trip ML0808roes2 is not available for 2023.

Yes, I/we will order

round cruise boat ticket(s) for adults and children from 16 years offer no. ML0808roes2 per person 31 EUR plus voucher for 0.1 l wine from the middle rhine and 1 wine tasting glass 4 EUR. There is a 19% added value tax included in the boat ticket price.

Saturday, August 26, 2023,
firework round boat trip Rhine river lights
between Lorelei Rock and Rhinegau

Before the round boat trip from 4:00 p.m. possibility to participate in the wine festival summer night. Embarkation in Bacharach on the Rhine River (left Rhine river side) from 6:30 p.m., departure 7:00 p.m. Seat below deck in a passenger boat. Round boat trip on the Rhine River along Kaub with the water castle Pfalz in the Rhine River and Gutenfels castle, Oberwesel with Schonburg castle, Lorelei Rock towards St. Goar with Rheinfels fortress and St. Goarshausen with Katz castle. DJ with dance music on board. At about 9:45 p.m. the boats gather together for a boat parade. From 9:55 p.m. firework display Rhine river lights™, which can be seen from the open air deck.

boat tickets for children from 10 to 15 years (all departure towns same price) per child 18 EUR.
boat tickets for children from 3 to 9 years (all departure towns same price) per child 14 EUR.
boat tickets for children up to 2 years with own seat or buggy (all departure towns same price) per child 14 EUR.
boat tickets for children up to 2 years without own seat and buggy free of charge.

Besides an elaborate drink offer, these warm / cold dishes are also offered on the boat:

Portion(s) chicken (cut into strips) with rice, per person 8.50 EUR.
Portion(s) goulash with noodles, per person 8.50 EUR.
Portion(s) noodles with cheese sauce, per person 8 EUR.

Advanced meal order desired. It is not possible to choose the meals, which are offered by the board-catering. On board you can order snacks.
Meal and drinks will be paid separately on the boat. It is not allowed to bring own food and drinks on board.

All reserved seats below deck are non-smoking seats. Smokers are requested to take the open-air deck for smoking.

Our group is in average. In case our group doesn't completely fill one whole table alone, we would like to sit at a table with people of about the same age. This is only a wish and is by no means a condition.

The online boarding ticket/s with the right table number, the boat landing stage, the arrival and the directions to the parking spaces you can print about 5 to 8 days before the event below the BIG RED letter E.

In case the boat tickets are a present
please note the name of the person, who is receiving the boat ticket(s) as a present

(this name will also be written on the boat ticket)

Billing address and shipping address (in case a different shipping address is wished for the boat tickets, please note the shipping address for the boat tickets on the bottom of this page in the big text field):

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Payment facilities:
1. Payment per credit card: You will receive an email with the deposit amount and a link for payment by credit card through www.paybymail.com.

2.Payment per bank transfer (only possible if you have a German bank account in Germany).

Bank account owner

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Eventual indications or notes:

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