Rhine in Flames, Nights of Bengal Fire on Siebengebirge mountains along Linz, Remagen, Rhine island Nonnenwerth, Bad Honnef, Konigswinter and Bonn with five fireworks displays. Visitor places on the Rhine river banks in Erpel, Unkel and Rheinbreitbach Rhein in Flammen

Rhine River boat s401eure-ridr, length 68 m, width 11,20 m, with departure in Bonn on the Rhine River.
Approved up to 600 people. Up to 490 seats below deck.

deutschThe boat trip offer RIF0501eure-ridr is sold out for 2017.
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round cruise boat ticket(s) for adults and children from 15 years offer no. RIF0501eure-ridr together with welcome drink (a glass of sparkling wine), buffet, DJ and drinks (beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks) per person 129 EUR.
There is a 19% added value tax included in the boat ticket price. Price change because of tax increase, diesel price increase, increase of the firework fee etc. possible until the end of December. If there is a price increase you have the right to cancel the boat tickets free of charge.

Saturday, May 6, 2017, Bonn on the Rhine river. Boat round trip with live music for the "Rhine in flames", Nights of Bengal Fire on Siebengebirge mountains.

Cold / warm buffet in German

Im Ganzen pochierter Lachs
Coburger Schinken mit Melone
Frische Salate mit verschiedenen Dressings
Ciabatta, Baguette, Butter und Kräuterbutter

Vegetarische Lasagne
Schweinefilet in Champignonrahmsoße
Mexikanisches Hähnchenfilet
Reis, Röstkartoffeln, Gemüse der Saison

Rote Grütze mit Vanillesoße
Mousse au Chocolat
(subject to change)

Boat trip with the passenger boat from the north:

Embarkation in Bonn on the Rhine river (left Rhine river side) from 4:00 p.m., departure 4:15 p.m. Round boat trip on the Rhine River upstream to the gathering place on the section of the Rhine River between Sinzig and Leubsdorf as well as between Bad Breisig-Niederbreisig and Bad Honningen-Ariendorf. From there the boat cruise starts downstream along Linz, Remagen, Erpel, Unkel, Remagen-Oberwinter, Rheinbreitbach, Remagen-Rolandseck, Bad Honnef, Remagen-Rolandswerth, Remagen-Nonnenwerth, Bad Honnef-Rhondorf, Bonn-Mehlem, Konigswinter with Drachenfels mountain, Drachenburg castle and Petersberg mountain, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Bonn-Plittersdorf, Bonn-Oberkassel to Bonn. Seating place below deck in a passenger boat, music from a DJ and dance on board from 6:00 p.m. 5 big fireworks can be seen from the open air or upper deck. Return in Bonn on the Rhine river at about 1:00 a.m.

boat tickets for children from 10 to 14 years with own seating place offer no. RIF0501eure-ridr together with welcome drink (a glass of orange juice), buffet, DJ and drinks per child 129 EUR.
boat tickets for children until 9 years with own seating place offer no. RIF0501eure-ridr together together with welcome drink (a glass of orange juice), buffet, DJ and drinks per child 129 EUR.

Giving of the boat tickets only together with buffet. The bringing of own meals and drinks isn't allowed.

Drink coins only for sparkling wine and spirituous beverages from a coin-operated machine near the board bar of 2.50 EUR each:
You can draw coins from the coin-operated machine ONLY with 10 EUR bank notes (= 4 drink coins of 2.50 EUR)
and 20 EUR bank notes (= 8 drink coins of 2.50 EUR each).
It is NOT possible to draw coins with 5 EUR bank notes and 50 EUR bank notes.
Unneeded drink coins will be refunded at the board bar when you leave the boat.
Advance invoice for drink coins only possible for groups from 15 people on request.

All reserved seats below deck are non-smoking seats. Smokers are requested to take the open-air deck for smoking.

Our group is in average. In case our group doesn't completely fill one whole table alone, we would like to sit at a table with people of about the same age. This is only a wish and is by no means a condition.

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Payment per credit card: Processing fee and shipping and handling fees, independent from the amount of the ordered round cruise boat tickets per job for a one-time payment of 5 EUR. The credit card holder agrees to pay all charges listed above. www.germany-travel.net Agentur Rita Hermann GmbH will bill to the credit card mentioned above. www.germany-travel.net Agentur Rita Hermann GmbH is not liable for any unauthorized charges made to your account by credit card through a third party.

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